New beginnings

This blog is new and all, but it’s not my first. I tried this before (yeah, you’re thinking “link?”, but nice try- it’s Gone Daddy Gone), put up maybe six or seven halfway-coherent posts, and then let it rot.

They say that some crazy-high number of small businesses close up shop within a year. That must pale in comparison to the number of blogs that never make it past their second post.

Anyway, here I am, an Internet survivor, ready to make another go of it. Trying to grow something full and lush from the hardscrabble earth that is the blogosphere. Why? Peer pressure, mostly, and a more than a bit of the ol’ “anything you can do, I can do better.”

So what are my goals? Dreams and aspirations? Turn-ons and turn-offs? Well, lets’s keep it simple:

  • I think I’ll try to update twice weekly with real content. And by real content, I mean somthing more than a few blurbs and a link. Thoughts, ideas…heck, maybe even a well-constructed arguement or two.
  • Then, more often (daily or so, I’m thinking), a few links to the good stuff I’ve come across on the Interwebs.

Of course, you’re still wondering: About What? Well, there’s music, baseball, college hoop, Macs and iPods, GTD, parenting, marriage, homeownership, travel, and even work. Probably enough to fill a post or two per week, I think.


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