Writers Block?

Over a week has gone by, and what from me? Nothing. Silence. Crickets.

Hell of a blogger I am, eh?

Every night this week I’ve said “I’ve gotta write a blog post.” I know that the discipline of writing is what makes the words come. But there was other stuff to do. Basketball. Work. Sleep. Writing took a back seat.

Priorities are interesting things. They’re all in your head, right? Other people think they can set your priorities. Your boss. Your wife. Your kid, even. But all they can do is ask. You’re going to do what you want to do in the end.

So that’s that. I was on this computer every night. Even downloaded some blogging software, which I’m giving a whirl today. But the deep thoughts, the ruminations, and the witticisms simply didn’t happen…not on accident, but because I had other things to do.

Lets see what this week brings.


One response to “Writers Block?

  1. But I CAN set your priorities! Didn’t you read the contract? It’s right there, underneath, “Be in Bed 20 minutes after the kids go to sleep. Naked.”

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