UDel Top Job not Taylor-made

Taylor stays put at Lehigh | PennLive.com

Taylor is a two-time Patriot League Coach of the Year. He led the Mountain Hawks to the league's regular season and tournament championships in 2004. Lehigh reached the tournament semifinals each of the past two seasons, losing to Holy Cross both times.

You have to assume Delaware offered more money, a higher recruiting budget, and, clearly, the chance to compete in a more competitive, possible multi-bid league. And Taylor turns it down. Now, it's certainly possible that Taylor has found his niche, like the cozy confines of the Pat League and Stabler Arena, and sees this as a long-term gig for himself and his family. Then again, when John Feinstein is raving about you, you've got to know that the calls will come.

"Billy Taylor is one of those coaches you want to know NOW so in a few years you can say, 'Oh yeah, I knew him when he was just getting started.' He's that good–and he's only going to get better."

If Taylor knows the calls are coming, then the message is clear: he thinks he can do better than UD.
It looks like the Hens will move on to my choice for the gig, Monte Ross. That's a shame – I wanted him in our hip pocket should Temple come after Bruiser for real.

Updated: The Delaware NewsJournal confirms the story. Also, Blue Hen basketball fans are being asked to surrender their belts and shoelaces.


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