Sunday Muddy Sunday

Couple of items to close out the weekend:

1) Sure-fire sign that spring is here? I already have weeds in my lawn. Unbelievable. Just dropped $50 worth of Scotts’ finest out there today to get rid of them. Of course, they say that all the fertilizer and weed control in the world is useless when your lawn gets dry. So here’s to another 2 months of good lookin’ suburban yard carpet, followed by that splotchy, off-green crap that I know and love.

2) Speaking of lawn care, at least the distribution of fertilizer was excuse enough to bust out the lawn tractor. Yee-ha! Know how to turn a molehill into a mountain and have fun doing it? Take a simple task — say, raking the yard and clearing the little sticks and stuff from winter, and add in 18 horsepower of gas-powered brute force. Now we’re talking! Who needs to rake leaves onto a tarp when you’ve got a handy-dandy utility trailer? Why break a sweat taming those brambles and brushpiles, when you can rope ’em to the tow hitch and drag them out? And a push-behind spreader? Not bloody likely! Hook up the tow-behind broadcast spreader for the best in easy application! Yes sir, that’s the way to get the job done.

3) Speaking of getting the jorb done, the Metropolitans are a sparkling 4-1 to start the year. All good.


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