Capel to Sooners – Wha?

Sources: Oklahoma will hire VCU’s Capel as coach |

Multiple sources told that Capel rated very high when Castiglione and other Oklahoma officials checked him out with high-profile basketball-related people. Oklahoma was looking for a person to lead the Sooners’ program long term and was willing to think “out of the box” with Sampson’s successor.

And this after VCU announced a contract extension through 2012, in March. Well, Capel Jr. is certianly an out-of-the-box choice. This is a heck of a jump for Jeff – CAA to Big XII is about as night and day as I can figure. So what is VCU to do? I would assume the VCU AD is already combing the ranks of ACC assistants and Big South HCs for that next up-and-comer.

So that’s 3 CAA coaches out this year – Capel, Brad Brownell, and Ron Everhart. 1/4 of the league will have new guys in suits come next year. I would guess that’s the price of success at the mid-major level.


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