And the Mets keep rolling…

No Beanballs Necessary: Mets Beat Nats | Yahoo! News

Of course, beyond the victory lies the bigger picture: 

A day after failing to sell out their home opener, the Nationals drew 29,985 to their first home night game.

I hate to say "I told you so…"  However, in this case, I'll sing it from the rooftops.  Baseball in DC failed twice already.  While it's great that the Orioles have some media competiton, the fact remains that Baltimore is the only "real" metropolis in that region.  DC and NoVa are transient cities, great for tourists, and complete ghost towns in the summertime.

In a few years, with the Anacostia ballpark bogged down (no pun intended) in political muck, Baseball's gonna wish they went to Portland.


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