I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom

Der Scrubbing Bubbles, ja!Instead, I'm sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls on TiVo. Can you believe how freaking lame Rory is? And what an idiot Lorelai is?

Whoops, sorry…I just gave away the plot to the whole episode season series!

I watch this show weekly, or more often depending on how the week's re-runs on ABC Family are. It's one of those married things, like errands and baby "duty" in the mornings.

(OMG OMG, Lorelai is giving a drunk toast at Lane's wedding! Idiot!)

Anyway, these things we do when we're married…like not cleaning the bathroom…I'm not sure the rest of the world gets them. I have single friends who don't understand how we can live with one TV, much less one with rounded corners. I have married DINK friends who can't grasp the concept of 6am wakeup calls over the baby monitor. Or baby monitors. Or babies.

What causes my pause is not the bits and details, but the bigger picture: I'm married. I have a kid. I have a house in the suburbs, two cars, a lawn tractor, and a shed. When did this happen?

So it happened almost seven years ago. That doesn't change anything. Every once in a while I still wake up and wonder if this is my beautiful house, my beautiful wife, and how I got here. And I think that's a good thing. Not wondering would be worse.

Time for those Scrubbing Bubbles.


One response to “I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom

  1. You got here by the luckiest luck ever, babe. And the tractor? Well, maybe I’ll blog about that one.

    ANTM tomorrow night on TIVO?

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