Its all about Style

Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know | General Disarray

Most people use word processors like MS Word like they would use a typewriter — manually making section headers bold and centered, inserting hard breaks between paragraphs, etc. This formatting method is fine for short documents, but for long documents that include multiple sections, figures, tables and other elements that need to be styled consistently throughout the text, it pays to learn Word’s advanced features.

If you’re like me (my sympathies and God help you, btw), you use the Microsoft Office apps a whole lot during your workday, and maybe even fairly often at home. If you’ve ever had to deal with collaborative documents, multiple review passes, and general document churn, you know that the pristine Word doc you sent out on Monday looks worse than Nicole Richie after a 3 day bender when you get it back. New fonts, crazy extensions and bastardizations of the Normal style, and general disarray.

What we have here, then, is what everyone in your office needs to read: a quick how-to on styles and formatting. Styles are your friend. Styles keep the document looking cohesive, the numbered lists looking orderly, and the hair from falling out of my head.

So follow the link, read the post, and pass it along. If we’ve got to use these Godforesaken bloated apps, we may as well use them right.


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