When all else fails, sing.

I’m not normally a sucker for peer pressure, but tonight it got the best of me. See, I’m in the pub with my brother, and his wife’s cousin’s friends (got that?) are there in the pub with us, up to their eyeballs in drink and loving every minute.

I step out to the mens room just as one of the lads is leading the group in a chorus of an Irish drinking song whose name I cannot recall. I return to another guy standing on a bench leading our little nook of the pub in “With or Without You.” I kid you not.

So then Hugh, from Donegal, says to me “Give us a song then.” And I’ve got nowhere to run. Fortunately, Matt steps up to the plate…

“Born with a face that life wouldn’t grace…”

So, thank you to Serge and Dave Beilanko, and to my little brother for singing Marah with me at the top of our lungs in a little Irish pub. We took the house down.


2 responses to “When all else fails, sing.

  1. I so love this image. Wish I was there.

  2. I should mention we butchered the crap out of the song.

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