What winds up…

So my trip is winding down. I’ve been to The North today, up to see The Giant’s Causeway. We stopped in Coalisland, County Tyrone on the way up for lunch, and after a 5 hour journey we saw some of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever encountered. Full photo essay to come, I promise. Here’s a teaser:
Approaching the Organ

I’m staying in Dublin tonight, in the Dundrum section. For those acquainted with Philadelphia, think Chestnut Hill or Manayunk. For those not, think “fast-growing, with a college and well-heeled professionals.”

I’m not so crass as to forget a thank-you card, but while I’m here my grateful thanks to May Curran for putting me up these past two nights, and to Matt, Kathleen and the Curran family for having me this weekend.

My flight leaves in 8 hours, and I need some sleep. More tomorrow. Pictures too!


4 responses to “What winds up…

  1. That looks awesome man. I bet you are having a great time! I am looking forward to seeing the Dublin pics.

  2. Wish you could of had a pint of Bulmer for me! Love hard cider!!!!
    When I went to Ireland everyone told me it would give me a bellyache, never did, and I drank myself silly!

  3. I didn’t touch the Magner’s (Bulmers is the US name for the same cider) on this trip. But after our trip in 2004, my friend Terri became the bigger Bulmer’s fan in the states.

  4. I bet that Terri is a cool gal! I even brought some home from Ireland! Actually my luggage was FULL of bottles of beer, every piece of clothes had beer wrapped in it! LOL Good times!

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