Oh the Horror!

So I was cleaning up in our “downstairs room” last night, getting ready for the window installers to arrive on Thursday. We’re having the old windows replaced with vinyl replacement jobbies – not the most beautiful windows in the world, but they’re at least energy efficient and able to be opened, traits not found in our current windows.

Anyway, while I’m cleaning up I’m watching Enter the Dragon on my home laptop. Liz and I have matching 12″ Powerbooks, the greatest combination of form factor and functionality ever devised. I had mine hooked up to our 21″ monitor, and was happily straightening up while watching maybe the best Kung-Fu movie ever.

All of a sudden, just as Bruce Lee finds out his sister committed Hari Kari rather than get gang raped by a bunch of thugs, the movie stops and my hard drive makes the worst possible noise:


I’ve heard this before. It’s a HD crash. I had a hard drive fail in this laptop about 2 years ago. The computer is frozen, and so I reboot. Nothing. No sad Mac, no boot screen, just the rotating indicator circle. I boot from a recovery CD, and the HD can’t be found. Awww crap.

I know that I don’t have much time…the drive will still be accessible if I hook it up to Liz’s computer (neat Mac feature…any Mac laptop can be used as a hard drive via FireWire, great for troubleshooting and installs). So I hook it up and see the drive, but instead of trying to repair it, I got greedy and tried to rescue my photos.


Ok, bad idea. Now I can’t see the drive again.

At this point, I knew what was ahead of me: painful attempts at recovering my data, with the dawning realization that I’m fucked. And not in the good way.

So I cut to the chase. Tomorrow, FedEx will deliver me a new HD, and I get to spend my scant free time installing the bad boy and dropping Tiger on it. Wheeeee!


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