It’s the excitement that keeps the clock moving

It’s been quite a week. When last we met, Liz had been transitioned into a stay-at-home mom, and took a trip to see Stephanie. I spent the weekend with Emily (duh!) and Jon. Matt and Kathleen headed back to Ireland on Sunday, and I stayed at the airport to pick up Liz on her arrival.

And Monday, we had a bit of a fire at home.

We’re ok, house is ok. Long story short, our furnace committed a flaming, smoky suicide, beginning with the fan motor, then on to the control box, and finally melting down the condensate pump. The smell woke me up at quarter to 6 on Monday morning, and when Emily called for me I turned on the light and saw the smoke. We were out of the house within a minute. For those wondering, yes, our smoke detectors went off. But the nose knew before they did.

Anyway, this is clearly not an experience I need to ever repeat. If you’ve never taken your daughter out of a smoky bedroom, that’s cool, believe me. In the end, it was the smoke that did the most damage. Our house has been cleaned from top to bottom, and the only real losses were the furnace, AC coil, and our cellular shades from the bedrooms: those bad boys trapped all the odor, and they can’t be cleaned. C’est la vie.

So at the beginning of the week, at least, it sure felt like piling on. Liz loses her job. Fire at the house. I spent a few minutes looking for the “kick me” sign, believe me.

But that’s the extent of my pity party. I’m over it: it’s time to keep rollin’. I spent another wonderful Saturday watching college hoop with my kid, and even though we lost a close one, and even though she was a whining, crying, tired mess at the end of the game (I blame the refs for slowing a really good game to a crawl), it was clear that I wasn’t about to be defined by the low points of the past week.

So, moving on. I think there are big things afoot this week. Lets get the ball rolling.


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