I know where I’ve been…

…what’s your excuse?

I’d apologize for the lag in posts, but I know that empty words mean nothing to the four people who actually read this crap.

Instead, let’s catch up to my incredibly interesting life:

  • New job.
  • New commuting pattern – I’m a train commuter twice a week now.
  • Wife still out of work (ish).
  • Child getting bigger and exponentially cuter.

Honestly, that’s the bulk of the update. Not to say that things are boring…rather, things are pretty unboring. But, when the geek next to spends the whole train ride watching Faracape on his PC and dipping into his bag from the Nutty Bavarian, well, it doesn’t put me in a really chatty mood. (I just watched a hot alien chick lick Chewbacca’s brother’s beard. Seriously. Can you imagine what this guy masturbates to?)

Anyway, through the magic of BlackBerry, look for more semi-frequent updates. Till next time…


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