Timeline is a four-letter word

So, I’ve been deep into what must be the biggest home improvement project I’ve ever attempted: converting our heretofore unused lower level into an office and playroom.

When we bought our house, in the pre-kid days, we used the downstairs for storage. Crap we either didn’t use, didn’t need, or didn’t care about just sat down there in boxes for over a year. Then we went through a huge organizational kick, and actually cleaned it out. What we were left with was two rooms: a large room, 23×13, and a bedroom we used as an office, 10×12.

Problem was, the office had paneled walls down to the foundation hip-wall, and then bare concrete to the floor. Ugly. The big room was drywalled, but covered with faux-paneling wallpaper. No lie. Ugly.

So, since we have the space, and since Emily’s toys are outgrowing their little home in our living room, we decided to renovate. Down would come the wall between the office and the big room, and in its place would be a half-wall lined up with the foundation’s hip-wall. Instead of junk-collecting closets, smarter storage in bookcases and bins. Painted walls throughout. New windows, new lighting, more power outlets, new networking, new floor. New everything.

So where are we? New lighting is up. New windows are up. New walls are going up. Networking is done, as are the new power outlets. I ran three new circuits to to the panel. Brought in a contractor to do the windows, but the rest of the work has been me, my dad, my father-in -law, and my friends Greg and Andrew. Oh, and Andrew Junior, who wired up the new power outlets in the office.

 It’s been tough work, but not terrible. Certainly more work than any other project I’ve done. But it’s nearly habitable down there. Drywall target is this weekend, paint late next week, and the its floor time. Put up the trim, and from there we can start using the rooms.

I need to take some photos of the work. For the before pictures, check my Flickr.



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