Prime Time

Well, the long weekend has drawn to a close. Didn’t get to the beach, though I did hit the pool club on Saturday. Lollygagged a bit on the project, but I still hit my mark. First, the den:

![The den, with primer on the formerly wallpapered walls][1]

And the office:

![The office, with primer on the half-wall][2]

In the office picture, off to the left near the lightswitch you can see one of my Problem Children: the tape joint between the new wall and the old wall. The dark splotches on the lower left are wet spackle spots – yes, still trying to get that one right.

One more treat before I go…you’ve seen the overhead lights in the shots, but I’m not sure if I mentioned the sweet digital dimmer I bought for them. Here’s a little demo: All I’m doing is turing the light on and off. The dimmer is doing the rest.

NOTE TO STU: Yeah, I know. But you’ll love this: the plate is over the switch because we were checking to make sure the crappy cutout job would be fully masked by the plate. I just left it there. I’ll boost it before I paint that wall, sucka.




2 responses to “Prime Time

  1. One usually puts the plate over the light switch after one paints. Otherwise, it looks pretty good 😉

  2. That video of your dimmer is hilarious – I’m laughing out loud. You must be PROUD of that thing to have posted that! Get your ass to Vancouver and fix our condo you crafty, handy boy you!!!

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