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Sausage Everywhere

![If You’re sitting to the left, its sausage for you!][1]

As seen at Shea Stadium. Mets lose, 4-2. Good access to sausage.



Texas Bowl Part 1: Since when are crackers a “meal”?

Snack?  WTF!
I made the trip down to the Texas Bowl this year, and saw the RU Scarlet Knights completely crush the Kansas State Wildcats. It was a great time and a great trip, though it wasn’t without its’ mishaps. Read on for a blathering post full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense! Continue reading

It’s been a while…

And frankly, I’ve got little to show for it. As I said to my wife this evening, I’ve got stuff up in the ol’ noodle, but I haven’t written any of it down. Frankly, there’s a bunch of stuff swimming around up there, and I owe it to you to get it straightened out before I write.

Anyway, for the college football fans among us, I’ll leave you with this recap of the US Army All American Bowl.

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That Other Sport

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Drexel v. Rider – Team Huddle, originally uploaded by du_dragons.

Back before my football obsession, there was basketball. Drexel University basketball, to be exact. And as I approach my 10 year reunion in 2007, and my 15th season of fandom, I have but one request:

Would somebody set a f**king screen? Please… Continue reading

How I got here

Pregame at the scarlet walk

Listen: Going the Distance, Rocky

I don’t know if you’ve heard: Rutgers has cracked the Top 10 with a vengeance. How did they do that? Oh, only by winning the Single. Greatest. Football. Game. Evah. No lie. Continue reading

Looking back at a history of obsession

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The Big Fans at Landover

The Big Fans at Landover, originally uploaded by du_dragons.

Tonight, for those that don’t know, the 8-0 Rutgers Scarlet Knights take on the 8-0 Louisville Cardinals at home. This will be the biggest game in RU Football history. Continue reading

Seven and Oh-my-God!

A moment of silence, please, for the season of the 2006 New York Mets.Thanks.

Now, on to football!

The Scarlet Knights are an astounding 7-0 this season, riding the back of Heisman candidate Ray Rice and what may be the best defense in Division 1. Got a tricky offense that’s tough to defend? Sit down, Navy. How about the most efficient passer in Division 1? Take a shower, Mr. Palko.